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the photovoltaic module price war is expected to end in the fourth quarter of this year

According to daily economic news, yesterday in the National Energy Group’s 2023 photovoltaic module centralized procurement, P-type modules without freight were quoted at 0.971 yuan per watt, even lower than the 0.9933 per watt that appeared in the previously closely watched Huadian Group bidding  yuan quote. The price of photovoltaic modules has dropped from around 1.8 yuan per watt at the beginning of the year to less than 1 yuan today, exceeding industry expectations. Experts said that component prices are currently approaching the cost line, and some companies are participating in market competition at prices below cost, and industry competition has intensified unprecedentedly. In the case of serious imbalance between supply and demand, the possibility of falling below the cost line before the end of the year cannot be ruled out. When all backward production capacity is cleared, the price war is expected to end in the fourth quarter of next year. (China Securities Journal)


Post time: Nov-23-2023